A Note of Thanks

A Note of Thanks



It was early morning in our Maui Floral Makawao warehouse, a few months ago … because of the pandemic we no longer allow people inside the warehouse … they wait at the door and we pull the flowers they need or take their orders from there…  On this particular morning  a couple came to the door wanting flowers to send to Florida. They were on a budget and intended to send a box of flowers and maybe add a Lei to the box. The recipient of the floral gift, as it turns out, was not able to travel to Maui due to the coronavirus restrictions.   Nowadays this is not an unusual situation, as many people have had to cancel their travel plans.   As the conversation continued we began to understand that the child who would receive the flowers was unable to travel to Maui on a once in a lifetime trip provided by the Make A Wish Foundation

While this conversation was going on another customer was waiting behind the couple and had overheard the exchange.   As we began to assist this new customer with his pre-arranged order he asked the couple if he could contribute to help make the child’s experience even more memorable… and he quickly pulled out a $100.00 dollar bill.  This gentleman explained that he was at Maui Floral picking up an Anniversary gift for his wife and that he and his wife had decided that instead of buying each other gifts they would donate to those in need, whenever the opportunity presented itself.   The couple, sending flowers to the child, was elated to say the least.  The Maui Floral team was teary eyed at this point.   The young child was going to get that lei along with more flowers to share with all their friends and family!   Well, the discussion continued and although the couple and the gentleman did not know each other prior to this meeting, they had many similarities that made this encounter serendipitous.   The man did get the flowers for his wife, the couple was thrilled to send the beautiful tropical flowers of Maui to a child unable to travel here... and friends were made. 

This is just one example of why we are so grateful for our Maui Floral customers. 

2020 has caused many changes to our daily lives and our way of doing business. 

One thing has not changed… our customers … whether you  are new Maui Floral customers or long standing supporters … you all have one thing in common… You Care!   We know this because we see it everyday and we believe that people who care share flowers




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